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Flexibility to Perform Backups Suited for Your Specific Environment
Whether you need to backup files and folders from a Mac or Windows platform, easyBackupPro can handle the task with ease. easyBackupPro also works with tablets and smartphones with browser installed applica
  • Access your files or share them from any location
  • Encrypt the data you need to backup
  • Restore files to any computer or device you choose
  • Backup, restore and recover data with ease
File Encryption for Safe & Secure Backups
easyBackupPro encryption process is a three-stage method favored by the military. Even if you choose to store your back-up locally, your files will be securely encrypted
easyBackupPro complies with the regulations governing many industries. Your data is encrypted at three points during the backup:
  • Locally, before the data transfer begins
  • In transit, while the backup is in process
  • Restore files to any computer or device you choose
Backup Files Quickly
easyBackupPro is one of the fastest means of backing up your data, ensuring that it not only reaches the cloud safely, but also quickly. When a test was conducted to measure the speed with which various applications could back up identical sets of data, easyBackupPro proved to be twice as fast as the competition, significantly outperforming Mozy and Carbonite.
Typical backup time of 15 minutes for 1GB of data, depending on your bandwidth or ISP. If you choose, you can throttle your online backups
easyBackupPro Speed Test:
2X Faster than Other Online Backup Providers
20.2 GB
easyBackupPro 23 Hrs, 9 Mins.
Carbonite 56 Hrs, 10 Mins.
Mozy 33 Hrs, 3 Mins.
The Speed Test below conducted backing up the same 20.2GB of data. The results of the test showed that Easy Backup Pro significantly outperformed Carbonite and Mozy in online backup upload speeds.
Archive the Files You Backed Up Automatically and Forever
easyBackupPro offers unlimited accessibility to any files you need to recover. All of your backups will be recoverable forever, and there are no limits as to the number of files you can have in your archive. Recovery is simple -- just select the date of the backup and you can recover your data.
  • All file types are included
  • Files originating from file-servers are included
  • No limit on the number you can archive
Continuous and Automatic Data Consistency
easyBackupPro searches for files that have changed since your last backup. When changes are detected, easyBackupPro automatically sends the updated version to the cloud even if you have not included it in your current backup. This ensures that the most up-to-date versions are always accessible.
  • You can choose any version of any file that was backup up
  • It will immediately back up every file that you modify
Intelligent, Enterprise-Grade File Transfer and Compression
Once you have performed an initial upload, easyBackupPro will search for any files that have been changed and back up only those files. This reduces transfer time by eliminating data that you have previously uploaded. For example, your database may require 500MB on your system, but you may only need to transfer 5KB when you perform your daily backup. easyBackupPro uses an enterprise-grade data transfer system, which means that should your transfer be interrupted, it will resume at the point of interruption. Many other online systems require you to start the transfer from the very beginning.
Flexibility in Scheduling Backups and Selecting Data to be Included
Perform your backups whenever you choose and select just what you prefer to include. easyBackupPro can transfer all types of files, but you might prefer to customize your backups by excluding, limiting or including specific types on any given backup.
You can schedule backups every hour, day, week or month and select the data that you want included on each. Selection options allow you to choose the workstations or servers to back up as well as specific folders or files. easyBackupPro runs on your schedule and when it detects a change in a file, not constantly. This frees up valuable resources, such as your available RAM.
Share Files Easily
You can share any file that you have sent to the cloud with easyBackupPro. All that is required is the recipient's Facebook account or email address. You can even share files securely with iPhone and Android applications.
  • Eliminate transferring unsecured or large files -- share them instead.
  • Choose, send and share an unlimited number of files.
  • Share files of all types.
  • Mobile applications and file sharing limited to files of 500MB or smaller.