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Installation Guide

Step 1 – Activate the License Key
  1. Enter the customer’s Full Name and Email address
  2. The customer should choose their own Password
  3. Copy and Paste the License Key
  4. Click “Sign Up”
Step 2 – Download the Software
Use the method of opening the downloaded file depending on which browser is being used to download the file.
Select “Yes” to open application when prompted.
Step 3 – Install the Program
Press the “Install” button when prompted to Continue installing the program to the default location.
If needed, download the .NET 4.0 Framework at:
Step 4 – Login to Account
  1. After installing the program, double click the icon on thedesktop to open it. It will bring you to a Sign In page, where the customer puts their Username (Email Address) and Password into the fields.
  2. Click Submit when complete.
Step 5 – Backing Up Data
  1. Click the “Setup Backup” icon to select your backup preferences.
  2. Then click the “Backup Now” button. The Backup is now Starting!
Step 6 – Recovering Data
If you ever need to recover data or need to locate it from another computer, tablet or smart phone, simply go to: https://myaccount.managedoffsitebackup.net/login.aspx
Information can be recovered using ANY Smart Phone, iPad, or Android Tablet.
You may also recover data using ANY browser in either Windows or Mac OSX Operating Systems